Borough Roads: 

 Curb to Curb Street Cleaning

Will begin again Spring 2020 

Please do not park on the borough streets during the above times.   Derry Street is maintained by the state and therefore you do not need to move your car for borough street cleaning.  


The annual collection of leaves is upon us.  When raking your leaves here are some helpful hints that will make the collection process go easier for the Borough Employees:

  • Rake your leaves only to the curb line, and not into the street.

  • Take any and all sticks or branches out of your pile. These items clog the machine and slows down the pickup process.

  • Try to time your raking with the week we are scheduled to come to your side, so that if it rains they do not get heavy in the pile.

  • If all possible, don’t park near the piles so we can get the truck close to help with pickup.

To simplify collection, the Borough is divided into two halves; from 29th St. to Park Terrace St. is designated as the west side, and from the Greenbelt to Wilhelm Road is referred to as the east side.

Week of Nov_____ West Side

Week of Nov ____ East Side

Week of Nov ____ West Side

Week of Nov _____ East Side

Week of Dec. _____ West Side and East Side

Week of December _____ as needed

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DO NOT sweep or blow grass clippings nor leaves into the street.

DO NOT leave piles of mulch laying on the street without a tarp to contain it. 

DO NOT wash your car on the street or driveway and send the soaps or chemicals into the storm drains. 




Snow Emergency Routes include Derry Street, Paxtang Avenue, and 29th Street


PennDOT’s construction project, known as the I-83 Beltway Project, is underway in the Capital Region. Section I (on I-83 near I-81) is currently under construction. Sections II and III (near 283 and the Eisenhower Interchange) are in development and property owners are being contacted about the project and its proposed impacts.  As the project is planned to stay on the South side of the railroad tracks, no houses nor businesses in Paxtang Borough are expected to have any direct impact.  29th Street Bridge (South of Derry Street Intersection), will be reconstructed as part of the project.  The Borough is reviewing the borough roads and any parking or traffic issues current and potential traffic impact from the 83 project.   

 Learn more about the Upcoming I-83 Project: