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A From Swatara Township Police:

On December 17, 2021, Swatara Township Police received information that a small black bear had been sighted around 29th and Duke Streets.  Police have learned that over the past week the bear has been sighted numerous times between the Greenbelt (Park Terrace) and 29th Street.  Please be cautious, if you see the bear do not approach, it is wildlife not a pet.  Bears typically will be looking to hibernate in a few weeks.  Please be cautious with your pets and do not leave them outside unattended 


We contacted the Pennsylvania Game Commission who provided the following advice:

Put away bird feeders at night and lock trash cans or place them in a garage.  Do not leave pet food outside.


If you encounter a bear, we found the following advice on   

If you encounter a black bear…

In your backyard:

  • From a safe distance, make loud noises, shout, or bang pots and pans together to scare the bear away.

  • When the bear leaves, remove potential attractants such as garbage, bird seed, or pet food.

  • Check your yard for bears before letting out your pets.

In a building, enclosure, by a dumpster, or around the corner:

  • Give the bear a clear escape route (do not corner it).

  • Leave any doors open as you back away from the bear.

  • Do not lock the bear in a room, garage, or fenced in yard.

If you have sightings of the bear in your neighborhood, please contact the Swatara Township Police 717-558-6900, who will continue to work with Paxtang Borough and the Game Commission to keep our residents safe.   

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