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Building Permit FAQ's

Q. When do I need a building permit?

Borough Ordinance requires that the Property Owner or their Authorized Agent (Contractor) shall file a building permit application for any proposed construction or electrical, plumbing, or structural repairs. Examples of construction, repairs, or alterations would be:

  • New Construction

  • Wooden Decks / Patios

  • Public Sidewalks

  • Fences over six (6) feet in height

  • Accessory Structures

  • Sheds

  • Wood or Coal Stoves

  • Additions  

  • All Electrical / Plumbing Work

  • Lateral Sewer Work (May also require a Street Cut Permit, if applicable)

                 Please see Building/Zoning Permit FAQs for detailed information.

Q. Where can I get a building permit application?

You may obtain a permit application either through the Borough Secretary or  by printing the appropriate form and submitting it to the borough office with payment for processing. Forms of Payment accepted: Cash, check or money order. 

Q. May I park my vehicle or trailer on the lawn?  

No, parking is not permitted in the yard.  You may obtain a zoning permit application to create a parking area on your property using the appropriate materials.  

Q. What information will I need to supply with the building permit application?
  • Proof of worker’s compensation insurance for any Contractors and Sub-contractors.

  • Site Plan Drawing showing the dimensions and location of any sidewalk, driveway, fence, shed/garage or additions.


Q. When can I start work on the project?

No work may begin until the Codes Officer has issued the Building Permit Card. Most permit applications will be processed within 5-10 business days of submission to the Codes Officer.


Q. What are the fees for the Building Permit Application?

See "Fee Schedule" for calculation of fees depending on the type of work you are planning. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact the Paxtang Borough Office at (717) 564-4770 between the hours of 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.

Building Permit Forms & Documents (All fees due with application.)

Fee Schedule

Zoning Forms & Documents (All fees due with application.)



Zoning Hearing Board

Robert Greenwood

E. Denny Beaver

Elizabeth Rowan Marx, Esq.

Alternate:  Dawn Deaner

Building Codes Officer / Zoning Officer

Robert Ihlein

Flood Plain

Floodplain Mainager: 

Robert Ihlein

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