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Paxtang Young Lungs at Play



Thanks to a matching grant awarded to the Borough, for Phase 1: playground equipment will soon be replaced at Saussaman Park and surrounding pathways/access will be improved in 2024.


A Public Meeting will take place on Tuesday, March 5, 2024

at 6:30 p.m. at the Paxtang Borough Municipal Building, 3423 Derry Street

for the purpose of receiving input from Borough residents and

neighbors for potential improvements to Saussaman Park,

including the tennis court and pavilion.  

Anyone requiring a special accommodation to attend this meeting

should notify the Borough Secretary at 717 564-4770

as early as possible, but no later than close of business Friday, March 1.  The Borough will make every effort to provide a reasonable accommodation.



Paxtang Municipal Building
IF you see a Coyote on the Greenbelt // Safety Alert
A few years ago, Borough residents indicated that coyotes have been sighted in the Capital Area Greenbelt, and in one yard adjacent to the Greenbelt on Park Terrace. In speaking with neighboring municipalities, as well as the Pennsylvania Game Commission, these sightings are not uncommon and should not be a significant cause for concern.


These coyotes, although they may be closer to homes and human presence than you might like, are in fact living in their natural habitat. The Game Commission confirms that coyotes have been found in all 67 counties in Pennsylvania as well as  center city Philadelphia. This is not to say that residents should be complacent. On the contrary, people should do what they can to discourage coyotes from coming near residential areas and recreational spaces.

Please DO NOT place people or pet food outside for the wildlife such as deer or cats as it attracts other less appealing animals as well.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Borough Office at 717-564-4770 or e-mail us at

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