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Greenbelt Expansion // D​CNR Grant Funds Expansion

The Borough is currently working to expand and improve the portion of the Greenbelt that passes through the "Paxtang Commons", the area where the Capital Area Greenbelt intersects with Derry Street.

The relocation of the trail is part of a grant from PA DCNR that was applied for in the Spring of 2009 and is a component of a larger plan to move pedestrian and bicycle traffic off the current Greenbelt path which, between Park Terrace and Paxtang Avenue, uses Derry Street.

The plan is to move Greenbelt traffic onto a path that will avoid the highway in that it will extend the trail through the park and across Derry Street where it will pick up again, extending back to the railroad tracks, where it will cross the creek and proceed along the tracks. The new route with provide improved safety for pedestrians and bike riders as well as motorist traveling the busy Derry Street artery through the Borough.

Many of the specifications and design for the trail were prompted by requirmenets from DCNR and the ADA, and the final plans had to be approved by DCNR. These requirements also include the reconstruction o the trail at Quince Street to accommodate handicapped access. When completed, all renovations will meet these requirements, including the installation of new curb ramps on both sides of Derry Street at the trail.

 The grant also provided funds for the recent installation of new playground equipment at the Lower Ball Field. The new equipment meets all current standards and replaced older equipment that was north of the baseball field.

PARKS IN PAXTANG:  In 2014, Borough Council proudly adopted the Resolution for Young Lungs at Play.

We welcome any suggestions for additional ways to keep our borough children and community safe! 

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