Trash and Recycling (2017-2020)

Residents and Businesses in the Borough of Paxtang should separate trash and recycling for disposal.  

  Residents: Under our borough-wide contract with Waste Management for residential units, in 2017 we secured the use of new trash and separate recycling receptacles, individually coded/assigned and delivered to each residential unit in the Borough.  Under our new solid waste contract, the assigned trash and recycling containers should be used as an authorized resident under our contract for services.  If you have additional trash, you may use your own old trash container with a tight fitting lid for overflow next to your property issued trash toter.  If you have yard waste, you are still permitted to use yard waste bags (preferably brown paper bags) and place next to the toter container.

You MAY place a label or mark with a Sharpie/print on or around the handle area of your toters, with your address or last name. 

NO spray paint or "extra large permanent markings" on the container are permitted on the leased containers. 

Note: each toter has a number and is coded to a specific residence.

The Property Owner is responsible for the toter.  If it is missing, please report it to the borough so we may search the block for accidental relocation, if not, we will file a theft report, a replacement may be requested for a fee.  

 You are permitted  "1 large item per week" for free removal with your trash.

STARTING THE WEEK OF MARCH 30, 2020, the large item pick up is temporarily suspended.

If you have any questions regarding our curbside trash or recycling removal, please contact the borough office. 

Businesses and Residents:  for special items and additional recycling information. Thank you for helping to keep our borough clean.

Dauphin County Recycling Center

Electronics accepted at the Dauphin County Recycling Center.

Dauphin County Recycling Schedule of fees/items collected. 

Residents: Waste Management is our service provider.  Please call the borough office 717-564-4770 if you have questions or concerns about trash removal. 

HOLIDAY WEEKS = One day delayed pickup:

New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.  

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Or try


Household Recycling


Highlights of the Paxtang Borough Burning Ordinance:

Burning: the igniting of any material to cause flame, smoke, embers, hot ash or residue, in combination or individually.

Burn Container Cover:  metal screen with spaces not more than ½ square inch, covering the entire burn container opening. 

Permissible Burnable Materials:  Propane, natural gas, charcoal, and wood (paint free, chemical free wood.  Note: wood products such as composition board or flakeboard are NOT permissible for wood burning)

  • No burning of any kind shall be conducted within the Borough unless that burning has as its expressed purpose either cooking, food preparation, leisure or recreational enjoyment.

  • The burning of paper, grasses, green twigs or leaves is prohibited. Also prohibited is the burning of any materials that give off any acrid, obnoxious or toxic odors, or emit heavy smoke. Any other materials that do not comply fully with the intent of this chapter or otherwise create a nuisance to people or animals are strictly prohibited.

  • No burning permitted on a “red flag day” as defined and designated by the National Weather Service.

  • Burning shall be attended at all times by a responsible individual 16 years of age or older until all combustion is extinguished. 

  • No burn container shall be used with 15 feet of any building or structure.  No burn container shall be used with 15 feet of any property line or public sidewalk area.  No burn container shall be used without the proper cover in place.

  • No burn container designed for food preparation shall be used under a roof or building protrusion, such as but not limited to a deck porch, overhang, or soffit or within six feet of any building or structure. 

Additional details about this Chapter 151 (Open Burning) of the Paxtang Borough General Code, including enforcement, violations and penalties, may be found at, under Council Documents.