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Paxtang Borough Codes and Ordinances

This page contains the most frequently referenced Borough codes and ordinance Information. It is not an exhaustive list of Borough Codes. For any specific questions related to any Borough codes or ordinances, please feel free to contact the Borough Office at 717-564-4770 for assistance by the Codes and Zoning Official.   Printed copies of Paxtang Borough Ordinances are also available for review in the Borough Office.

Borough Ordinances

Full searchable index of Borough Codes and Ordinances. 

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Judge's Gavel on Books

Borough Ordinances


The next scheduled boroughwide inspection will take place in 2028. 

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Sidewalk Repair example

Borough Code



Paxtang has adopted the International Property Maintenance Code - 2021

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Lawn Mower Selection Support

Borough Ordinances

Building & Zoning

Visit the Building and Zoning Information Page.

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zoning map

Borough Ordinances

Parking & Traffic

Chapter 400 Vehicles and Traffic.

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Parking Lot

Borough Code

Forms & FAQs

View FAQs and download applicable forms.

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Vertical File Cabinet

Freqeuntly Viewed Chapters

Selected topics. To view full Borough Code select the link for Ecode above. 

Chapter 121


Chapter 325

Rental Property

Chapter 151

Outside Burning

Chapter 360

Stormwater Management

Chapter 210


Chapter 366

Streets & Sidewalks

Chapter 220

Flood Plain Management

Chapter 370

Subdivision &

Land Development

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