Paxtang Borough Codes and Ordinances

This page contains the most frequently referenced Borough codes and ordinance Information. It is not an exhaustive list of Borough Codes. For any specific questions related to any Borough codes or ordinances, please feel free to contact the 717-564-4770 for assistance by the Codes and Zoning Official.   Printed copies of Paxtang Borough Ordinances are also available for review in the Borough Office.  

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An amendment to Chapter 425, Section 10 and Section 14 of the Paxtang Borough Zoning Ordinance: 

Amendment to the Paxtang Borough Zoning Ordinance  Chapter 425, Sections 10 and 14.  Prohibiting the sale of nicotine related products (vape shops and smoke shops) in the Conservation, Neighborhood and Downtown Districts of the borough.

Ordinance No 669
NEW Street Cut Ordinance

All fees are due with application.



ZONING MAP  (Click to Enlarge):


Zoning Hearing Board

Robert Greenwood

Lorraine Spangler

John Moyer

Alternate:  Dawn Deaner

Paxtang Borough Zoning Map

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Paxtang Borough, BCO and Zoning Officer, Robert Ihlein