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Paxtang's EMA team coordinates the local Borough Response to large scale disasters or emergency events involving the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant. Paxtang is within the mandatory evacuation zone. 


The form below is to be used to submit the names of residents who may require assistance in an emergency evacuation due to a serious and/or widespread emergency event such as an incident at TMI, a tornado, flooding, or fire. Data submitted via the form is CONFIDENTIAL and maintained by the Borough to ensure we are able to assist residents who would require assistance in such an event.

In the event of a TMI Incident, await instructions from the local authorities.  If you are instructed to evacuate, please proceed to Shippensburg University. 

Paxtang Borough Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC), Robin Bloss.  Deputy EMC, Mike McKenna.

PA Emergency Management Agency (PEMA)
offers Eligible
non-profit organizations the opportunity to apply for grant funds to increase the physical/cybersecurity safety of the applicant's facility.
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