Paxtang Borough Services

Additional information concerning Borough Services can be found by visiting the department specific links below

Police Department

Non emergency: 717-564-2550


Police Service for the Borough of Paxtang is provided through an agreement with Swatara Township. Use the button above to visit the official Swatara Police Department Site.
 Property Tax Collection

F. Joseph Spackman

Paxtang Borough Tax Collector


3408 Rutherford Street

Harrisburg, PA  17111

Tax Collector Hours:

 Second and Last Wednesdays 3 to 6 pm

      & by appt.  Closed Holidays.



Tax Collection

--Property Tax Payments (which includes Solid Waste and Sewer Fees) are received by Joe Spackman, Tax Collector, at 3408 Rutherford Street in Paxtang Borough.

NOTE:  Real Estate Taxes: Per Borough Council, May 2020 in Resolution 2020-07,  (Dauphin County Res. 2020-10), the Borough of Paxtang does hereby waive any fee or penalty provided the tax is paid in full by December 31, 2020.

--Central Dauphin School District Taxes are also handled by the Borough Tax Collector, Joe Spackman.  



--Earned Income Taxes, 

--Local Service Taxes, and

--Business Privilege Taxes, for Paxtang Borough businesses and rentals, are handled directly with Keystone Collections Group.   (NOTE: due to Coronavirus, the extension to the deadline for 2020 Business Privilege License fee and BPL taxes is July 15, 2020.)  

All forms and payments are sent to Keystone Collections Group.   Phone (724) 978-0300



Application For a 2020 NEW Business (Rentals included) Privilege LICENSE

SUBMIT NEW License ONLY Application to:

Paxtang Borough, 3423 Derry Street, Harrisburg, PA  17111

Renewal licenses: will be mailed to businesses/owners by

March. Payment to be submitted with or without** tax payment by April 15.

Please contact the Borough office 717-564-4770, if you do not receive your 2020 renewal mailing by March 15th. 

Rentals: Status of Occupancy Report 

Required information kept on record in the Borough Office



this must be completed for all businesses or Rentals. 

**Borough Ordinance indicates there shall be no tax if the whole or gross volume of business transacted is less than $10,000, however, you must still complete the form    

UPDATE: April 7, 2020, Borough Council Approved an extenstion from April 15 to JULY 15, 2020, for Business Privilege Tax Return Filings.  

Fire Department

Non emergency: 717-564-0520


Paxtang Fire Company Number 1 is a completely volunteer force which serves Paxtang and our surrounding communities.

Borough Office

Parks & Recreation

Proud participant of Young Lungs at Play since 2014

Please contact the Borough Office to request use of Saussaman Park.
Rental Rules and Regulations of Saussaman Park

UTILITIES/Contracted Services
WATER - Service arrangements can be made directly with SUEZ  
Click here for UPDATES on Suez work projects in the area. 
Trash/Recycling/Sewer Services are paid with Property Taxes, and managed through the borough.  
SOLID WASTE - Waste Management 
SEWER - Capital Region Water


Trash / Recycling

Trash / Recycling


We ask all garbage be placed in a bag and inside your issued trash toter with the lid closed. All accepted recycle materials can be place in your issued recycling toter. 

Please place at your designated trash pickup area on Tuesday evening and the empty containers removed from the curbside or alley designated area within 24 hours of trash/recycling pickup. 

Thank you for helping to keep our borough clean.


Dauphin County Recycling Center

Schedule of fees/items collected.

Household Recycling


Waste Management is our service provider.  Please call the borough office 717-564-4770 if you have questions or concerns about trash removal. 

HOLIDAY WEEKS = One day delayed pickup:

New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.  

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

OR call Waste Management or Household Hazardous Waste program. 1-800-449-7587

Facility Rentals

Please contact the borough office to request use of the Borough Building Gymnasium.


Gymnasium Rental Rules and Regulations  (Click here)

Public Transit

Highway Department

Planned microsurfacting or large street repair projects will be posted and notification to residents will be given through South Central Alert system prior to the project start date. 
Fall leaf pickup schedule and street cleaning will be in the borough newsletter (a copy can be found under NEWS/Paxtang Post).