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Curb & Sidewalk FAQS

The following FAQ's have been provided to assist Borough Residents and their Contractors with answers to common questions asked regarding making appropriate repairs to sidewalks. Information below is provided by the Borough Engineer for reference only.​


1)  Use of rebar: Some contractors have asked about the need for the 3/8" rebar for Joint Repairs as shown on the Sidewalk Inspection form. The 3/8" dowels are to control differential settlement between the adjoining slabs. Cracking can occur at the rebar locations if they are not installed correctly or if the sidewalk is acted on by significant outside forces such as major settlements or a tree root pushing on the slab. We suggest the use of the dowels but if they are not used, the owner should be made aware that settlement or movement greater than 1/4" is considered a violation of ADA and would result in having to make additional repairs at a later date. With that understanding, we have no objection to making them optional.

2) Minor Surface Spalling, Type D2 - We have been asked if the area can be repaired instead of replaced and if so, what material should be used. The repair options for Type D2 indicate that patching is an option. We suggest the use of Sika Quick 1000 or an equivalent. Care should be used to properly prepare the patch aread to better assure the patch will hold.

3) Cracks of 1/4" to 1/2" in width, Type E2 - We have been asked if these items can be repaired and if so, suggested materials to use. The repair options for Type E2 indicate that a repair can be made. If the crack is subject to movement, then a flexible sealant such as Sikaflex 1a or an equivalent may be used. Proper preparation of the repair area is critical to the success of the repair.

4) Can bituminous concrete be used in lieu of cement concrete? No. The Borough ordinance requires all sidewalks to be made of cement concrete, in accordance with PennDOT.

5) Detectable Warning Surfaces (DWS): Based on the regulations of PennDOT, DWS must be used at all intersections of sidewalks with public streets or alleys. They are not required at minimum or low volume driveways. 

6) Adhesive type DWS: It is our understanding that the adhesive DWS are not approved by PennDOT for the use in public right-of-ways. Therefore, we do not recommend their use or the use of other products until they are approved by PennDOT. If a manufacturer claims to be approved, they should be able to produce a copy of the PennDOT materials approval or to show where they are listed in the PennDOT publications as an approved product.

QUESTIONS: Please contact the Borough Office


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