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The Borough of Paxtang Shade Tree Commission inventories and maintains the Borough trees located between the Public Sidewalks and the Curbs.  This Shade Tree Lawn is maintained by the Property Owner of the Parcel, however, the tree is Borough Property and may not be trimmed or removed by any resident.  The Shade Tree Commission, Borough Public Works Department, and a small group of trained and authorized volunteers maintain over 600 trees in the borough. 


Paxtang Borough Shade Tree Commissioners:  Jody Wood, Dana Deagan, and Shane Philipps.

Do you have a new Shade Tree planted in front of your property?  We need your assistance; Property Owners should water the tree at least for the first summer season/ first 4-6 months.  We provide a watering gator, you provide the water to give it a good chance for a long life.  Thank you!

For more information about the Shade Tree Commission, see the "General Code - Ecode" below. 

 If you are interested in more information about volunteering with the Shade Tree Commission, please leave a message for Dana Deagan, or Shane Philipps, STC members, at the Borough office.   


The Shade Tree Commission typically meets the third Wednesday quarterly, March, June, September, and December, at the Borough Building. Please confirm dates under Calendar, or by calling the Borough Office. 

2024:   March 20, June 19, September 18, December 18



Arbor Day Contest 

Paxtang Borough Shade Tree Commission celebrates Arbor Day, Friday, April 26,  with an Art and Imagination Contest for 5th Graders who live in Paxtang Borough or attend Paxtang Elementary School.

Arbor Day is a time to celebrate and enjoy trees, and Paxtang has been a Tree City USA for 35 years! 

The Shade Tree Commission challenges 5th Graders to think about trees and draw a picture and/or write a poem on the theme “What’s Good about Trees?”

Submissions can be on any size paper and use any medium.  They will be judged on originality, design, and workmanship.  Entries must be submitted by Monday, April 15th.  The name, age and school of the student should be written on the BACK.  Paxtang Elementary students will submit their work at the school, and other students should bring their poems or pictures to the Paxtang Borough Building. 

Winners will be judged by members of the Paxtang Art Association and displayed in the lobby of the Kline Library.  Winners will be announced at the Arbor Day Celebration, Friday, April 26, 2024, 2:00 p.m. at Paxtang Elementary School.  Prizes for the best drawing or poem will be gift certificates for local restaurants such as Mama’s Pizza and The Tiger Eye.  Winning artwork and/or poems will be shown on Paxtang Borough website and Paxtang, PA Facebook page.


In 2024, Paxtang Celebrates 36 years of recognition by Tree City USA.  

ARBOR DAY is a day meant for the celebration of the trees in our lives.  The date, specified by the Arbor Day Foundation, is the last Friday in April.  Arbor Day is especially meaningful to Paxtang, because the Borough has been a "Tree City" for the past 36 years (as of 2024), and many of us especially value the trees in our neighborhoods and on the Green Belt.  As in previous years, the Paxtang Shade Tree Commission in cooperation with the Mayor, the Borough Elected Officials, Borough Staff and the Principal and teachers of Paxtang Elementary School, have arranged a program and tree planting celebration on Arbor Day.


2023 Arbor Day 1st place Art Expression_edited.jpg

1st place winners



Have you seen a spotted lantern fly in the borough? It is an invasive planthopper with a strong preference for economically important plants including grapevines, maples, black walnut, birch and willow. Feeding damage significantly stresses the plants/trees which can lead to decreased health and in some cases, death of the plant/tree. SLF has the potential to greatly impact the viticulture (grape), fruit tree, plant nursery and timber industries.   


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2023 Arbor Day Hon Men 5_edited.jpg
2023 Arbor Day Hon Men.jpg
2023 Arbor Day Hon Men 1_edited.png
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