Fall Leaf Collection 

The annual collection of leaves is upon us.  When raking your leaves here are some helpful hints that will make the collection process go easier for the Borough Employees:

  • Rake your leaves only to the curb line, and not into the street.

  • Take any and all sticks or branches out of your pile. These items clog the machine and slows down the pickup process.

  • Try to time your raking with the week we are scheduled to come to your side, so that if it rains they do not get heavy in the pile.

  • If all possible, don’t park near the piles so we can get the truck close to help with pickup.

To simplify the collection, the Borough is divided into two halves; from 29th St. to Park Terrace St. is designated as the west side, and from the Greenbelt to Wilhelm Road is referred to as the east side.

Leaf Collection will begin on Monday,November 2, 2020 and go on for approx. 5-6 weeks starting on the west side first.  We will work one side a week unless we get done before the end of the week and have additional time.  In that case we will pick up the larger piles on the opposite side.

Week 1 : West Side

Week 2 : East Side

Week 3 : West Side

Week 4  East Side

Week 5 : Both sides 

Week 6 : Both sides as needed.


Remember that not only do leaf piles in the street slow down pickup but they are also a potential hazard to cars that either park on them when they’re dry, or slide on them when they’re wet.

Thanks for your help.